"Come and see your horse at the stables or trials, feel free to ring for a chat or send an email with any question. My door is always open."

- Jason Bridgman

Now that my horse has come into the Bridgman Racing stables, what happens next?

Once Bridgman Racing welcomes your horse into our stables, Jason and his team will map out a training and education program, and begin to get your horse fit and ready to race. This is a process that can take many months or years. While they are under Jason’s management, you can expect regular (often weekly) updates on your horse’s progress. Some owners may expect that a horse bought at the yearling sale will be ready to run within a few months, but this is almost never the case. For a start, most sales fall between January and April, and the first races for two-year-olds do not happen until September. Even then, most horses are not physically ready to begin racing at this stage. While some horses are bred to be successful at two, the majority will need more time to develop physically and improve with age. At Bridgman Racing, it is essential that we treat each horse differently as each horse’s progress is unique.

How do I receive updates on my horse?

You can expect regular email updates, typically every week, on your horse from Jason. When your horse has a jump out, trial or race, you will receive both a pre and post-event report. Jason often also makes phone calls to owners. Should you prefer a different method of communication, we are happy to suit your needs.

Does my horse need to go to jump outs and/or trials?

Bridgman Racing uses both jump outs and trials to educate and condition horses. It is helpful to know the difference between the two. Jumpouts A jump out is an unofficial trial. The results are not recorded or circulated publicly. They are used to give the horse a training run- whether for barrier education, to assess fitness or development or gain valuable experience in an informal race-like setting. Trials A trial can best be described as a dress rehearsal for race day and is a vital step in the preparation of the horse before they race or to keep them fit during a racing preparation. The racing authorities officially record trials with videos and results circulated to the public. Punters are unable to place bets but trials are often used by punters, racing media, bookmakers and wagering partners to establish form and assess a horse’s odds at the races.


To get started in horse ownership, Bridgman Racing have put together a guide to help you with all the relevant information and advice on becoming an owner for the first time.


When it comes to purchasing a horse for the first time, Jason can purchase a horse for you or offer you shares in young horses that are already a part of the Bridgman Racing team.


At Bridgman Racing, your horse will be put through a thorough education and training program to prepare them for racing. Once racing, they are carefully managed throughout their career.


Record prize money in Australia and the lucrative VOBIS incentive scheme mean there are benefits and privileges to gain in Victoria just by being an owner.