"The thrill of winning is priceless and we aim to have all of our owners experience it with us. There is nothing like being a winner and that feeling of pride and joy.”

- Jason Bridgman

My horse is going to the races for the first time, what can I expect?

Jason will send you a pre-race report a couple of days before the race. You will also get an email from Racing Victoria with all of the race details and how to access your race day privileges. On the day, you can visit your horse in the race day stalls before and after the race. We recommend buying a race book, which makes a nice souvenir, having a bet and taking plenty of photos of the day.

Can I speak to the jockey after the race?

When your horse returns after the race, it is common practice for the rider to speak to the trainer and owner(s). It is a great way to get a race review and feedback from the jockey as to how the horse has performed as well as what the ownership group may expect going forward. If you are not in attendance on race day, Jason usually records the jockey’s comments and
includes the audio in his post-race report.

Do I get a say in which jockey rides my horse?

Choosing a jockey is a decision that is typically made by Jason, often in conjunction with the owner or group of owners and finalised with the jockey's agent. Jason weighs many factors when deciding on a jockey that he feels will give your horse the best chance of a positive outcome. These include the rider’s weight allowance, rider availability, riding style and cost.

What happens if my horse wins or places?

Celebrate! Winning owners usually receive a trophy, plate or medallion to commemorate the occasion and will be sent a link to official race day photos available for purchase. There are also celebratory drinks offered at most venues. Victoria is offering record prize money with most races paying to 10th place. For information relating to prize money, please view the owner website here.

What raceday privileges or benefits am I entitled to as an owner?

You will receive an email from Racing Victoria to notify you that your horse is racing with all relevant race details. Benefits vary from track to track, so it always pays to find out what the venue is offering on the day. Owners in Victoria are eligible to obtain the Racing Victoria Gold Owners Card. This incentive is for owners who have horses training and racing in Victoria, and it offers owners numerous benefits and privileges on days their horse is running. There are also benefits for owners who attend the races when their horses are not running. We encourage owners to visit the Owner Website to find out more here.

How is my horse handicapped?

Bridgman Racing recommends you visiting the Racing Victoria website via this link to better understand how a horse is handicapped and what factors are taken into consideration.


To get started in horse ownership, Bridgman Racing have put together a guide to help you with all the relevant information and advice on becoming an owner for the first time.


When it comes to purchasing a horse for the first time, Jason can purchase a horse for you or offer you shares in young horses that are already a part of the Bridgman Racing team.


At Bridgman Racing, your horse will be put through a thorough education and training program to prepare them for racing. Once racing, they are carefully managed throughout their career.


Record prize money in Australia and the lucrative VOBIS incentive scheme mean there are benefits and privileges to gain in Victoria just by being an owner.